Testimonial for MACAIS by Yim Wai Lup, Fall 2013

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Testimonial for MACAIS

By Yim Wai Lup (Malaysian)
Fall, 2013
It’s been two years after getting my under-graduate degree for Advertising in Ming Chuan University, in the year 2011. Since high school when I first introduced to the art and design, it was where my dream started to pursue the knowledge of art and the practical usage of aesthetics. After two years working in the field of film production, demand for creativity seems overwhelming than the supply of knowledge that I can provide, this makes me think that it was about time for me to pursue for higher knowledge and to widen up my views and perspective of art and creativity.

With all my luck, the top art school in Taiwan, National Taiwan University of Art, accepted me for MA Program of Chinese Art for International Student (MACAIS). With the core curriculum of Chinese Art and 9 credits of inter-course elective studies, I would be able to both achieve for theoretical art knowledge and practical filming knowledge by taking courses at other school such as Motion Pictures Graduate School. The First impression that I have with this MA program is that not only all the teacher and professor are so approachable and kind; they are also really professional and very knowledgeable within their field.

In the first semester, I’ve taken 12 credits, and those classes were quite interesting to me. One of the class was called the Chinese language and Culture, we discuss about Chinese custom, religion and special belief about Taiwanese or Chinese. It was fun to know how traditionally Taiwanese react to certain ceremony like dancing and singing in the funeral; how food became so important to Chinese people; how Taiwanese influenced and addicted with online gaming, and etc. Knowing the way of Taiwanese live and their culture, these help us more adaptable to Taiwanese living environment and easier to communicate with them, it was so important because in my opinion, study in Taiwan not just about pursuing degree, its about experience life of other culture than yourself.

In another class that we study with post-graduate student, which call History of World Culture, it was a difficult one but the class was simply amazing. Within the 18 weeks of the semester, we had been through the beginning of human civilization to the Mesopotamia, the rise of Europe, the story of China, the golden age of Islam, the reason and beginning of capitalism, different culture and learning priority of European and Chinese, and so much more. Each of the perspective and knowledge were totally new to me, and it was really useful for me to rethink about the world history and culture.

I have also taken a cross-course elective class, Film Production Management in Motion Pictures Graduate School. It was a very practical class that taught by a very experienced professor who also very active in the film industry in Taiwan. He share a lot of actual experiences of producing film with us within the class, every single case study was so valuable to us because it will never appear in any text book. Every detail to notice during producing a film were taught in the class, this would be really useful while myself was planning to produce own film in near future.

Overall, of cause there are a lot to complain about MACAIS, but I choose to appreciate what this course provided to me, MACAIS provide me a very good opportunity to further my study and besides of majoring in one single core, I would be able to take other elective courses that made my studies more diversified. I believe that with good study plan, I will gain good learning result from MACAIS.
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