I Love the Feeling of Today by Erica Park, Fall 2013

Poster:Post date:2014-01-13
I love the feeling of today

Park, Young Ji (Korean)
Fall 2013

Taiwan was called Ilha Formosa, which means “beautiful island”, you can find a beautiful and attractive scenery in sea shores and mountains. With static beauty, you can also discover hustling and bustling, hot and noisy night markets, colorful and dynamic life. It is very interesting that Taiwan culture is a great mixture of many others, such as Taiwanese aborigines, Confucianism Han Chinese, European, American, Japanese. All of these cultures are mingled together, form a diverse culture complex. It makes me wonder if I can explore the possibility for arts and cultural creative industry in various aspects.

Library frontI came to enroll the international MA program in Chinese Arts since September, 2013. Dormitory priority is given to overseas students, living in the dormitory is comfortable and safe. It is very close to get to the library which is my favorite place. When I passed by big trees, the height of 4 stories, with sound of water in a traditional garden mood, feel like that I become the Alice in the Wonderland, to make my journey to the whole new world. Our library has modern appearance, well facilitated. Graduated students are allowed to reserve a carrel. The sunlight through the oval window of carrel makes me feel alive and let me smile repeatedly say to myself “I love the feeling of today".Library Research Room

Through the movies and documentary films in class, we reviewed ceremonies and rituals of Taiwan, also discussed over the issues related with cultural events, embracing the diversity is very significant to live as a global citizen in these days. I suggest that Taiwan is the best place that you can experience multi culture. We can learn more things not merely on class, also as Dr.Liao, dean of the College of Humanities at National Taiwan University of Arts, always says that all over the Taiwan is the greatest learning platform, we need to explore and cultivate not only in our university, but also everywhere in Taiwan. I'd like to agree with him and speak with the voice that's very confident, “Let’s write a page of history of our own from now on and make the leap together! ”
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