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QuestionWhat is the application procedure of the MA Program of Chinese Arts for International Students?
AnswerApplicants are required to access to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) website <http://oia.ntua.edu.tw/en/Default.aspx> to download the application forms and mail in two application forms along with all required documents to the OIA.  The documents required by the University are listed on the OIA website, and those needed by the Program in the section of Admission>Application on the Program Website.
QuestionHow could I apply for scholarships?
AnswerThe Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the NTUA provide international students scholarships. Please access to the Program website Admission>Scholarships for further information.  You may also contact us at MACAIS@ntua.edu.tw or +886-2-22722181ext.2405.
QuestionHow could I contact the MACAIS Office?
AnswerYou may either email us at MACAIS@ntua.edu.tw or call us at +886-2-22722181ext.2405.
QuestionI didn't find answers for my questions in the FAQs, what could I do?
AnswerYou are more than welcome to contact the MACAIS Office either by email at MACAIS@ntua.edu.tw or by phone at +886-2-22722181ext.2405.  We are happy to answer your questions.
QuestionWhen is the application period?
AnswerThe application period for the enrollment of Fall, 2014 is between Aprial 1 and May 30, 2014.  Please access to the Office of International Affairs webpage <http://oia.ntua.edu.tw/en/Enrollment/Enrollment.aspx?PSN=00201> and follow the requirements and procedure for application.
QuestionWho are eligible to apply the MACAIS?
AnswerThe MACAIS is open to international students only, excluding Mainland Chinese and the Hong Kong and Macao area applicants.  The applicants' eligibility is strictly defined by the Ministry of Education, MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan. Please read the regulations carefully and make sure your status is qualified for application.
If you have further questions regarding applicants' eligibility, you may also contact the Office of International Affairs at rdie@ntua.edu.tw or +886-2-2272-2181ext.1921.
QuestionWhat are the language requirements for me to apply the MACAIS?
AnswerSince the MACAIS courses are mainly instructed in English, applicants who are non-native English speakers are required to provide English proficiency scores.  Although the Program does not require applicants to submit Chinese proficiency scores, applicants need to bear in mind that they still need Chinese to live and study in Taiwan.
QuestionDoes the MACAIS have a quota on the number of international students they admit each year?
AnswerThe MACAIS recruits only 10 international students every academic year.
QuestionAs a non-native English speaker, I am thinking to apply your program.  If my English score hasn't fill your English proficiency requirement, will my application be considered?
AnswerSince the program courses are instructed mainly in English, it may be difficult for those whose English proficiency below CEFR's B2 level.  However, English proficienty score is not the only criterion for admission.  The program takes all your academic and practical achievements and study plans as a whole under consideration.  Hence, we strongly encourage you to apply the program even though you haven't filled all program reqirements.
QuestionI have already received a letter of admission. Can I defer enrollment?
AnswerYou must first register. Once you have completed registration, you may go through Study Leave procedures, and begin your program in the following year.
QuestionWhat are the features of the National Taiwan University of Arts?
AnswerNTUA was established as the National School of Arts on October 31, 1955. In 1960, the name was changed to the National Academy of Arts, and then in August 1994 to the National College of Arts was established. The institution took on its present name on August 1, 2001. Education at our institution emphasizes humanistic thinking, creative production, theoretical analysis and hands-on practice. In terms of scope, education includes the local and the international, the avant garde and the traditional, the creative and the commercial, and the theoretical and the practical.
QuestionWhere is the National Taiwan University of Arts?

The NTUA is located in Banqiao District, New Taipei City.  The address is 59  Daguan Road Sec. 1, Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 22058, Taiwan R.O.C.  You may find us on the Google Map.

QuestionWhere can I find more information for international students?
AnswerPlease access to the Office of International Affairs Website <http://oia.ntua.edu.tw/en/Default.aspx> for further information.
You may also fine some useful information at "Living in Taiwan" <http://iff.immigration.gov.tw/iffwelcome.asp>.
QuestionI have already received a letter of admission. Can I defer enrollment?
AnswerYou must first register. Once you have completed registration, you may go through Study Leave procedures, and begin your program in the following year.
QuestionHow much money will I need to study in Taiwan?
AnswerThe tuition is approximately 54,000 NTD for the undergraduate program and 12,180 NTD for the graduate program base fee + 5,000 NTD per credit fee x numbers of credits every semester. Individual instruction fee: (for the departments of Music and Chinese Music) Undergraduate is approximately 22,800 NTD ; Graduate is approximately 14,310 NTD. It is estimated that the total tuition for each academic year for a student is about 190,000 to 250,000 NTD. However, the aforementioned expenses will vary slightly from year to year.
QuestionHow could I get to the NTUA?
AnswerThere are several ways to get to the NTUA.

I. From the Airport
• By Driving:
Get to the Northern Way of the National Highway; then get down from the Tucheng Interchange and get on 3rd section of Chungyan Rd.; then get on Chunhua Rd.; then move to Yuanfu Rd.; then Huanhe Rd.; then the 2nd section of Daguan Rd.; then 1st section of Daguan Rd; then you’ll arrive NTUA.

• By Public Transportation:
Get the Airport Bus to Taipei Train Station, then transfer the MRT or trains to Banqiao Train station. Transfer by the taxi or bus, 20minutes later you can arrive NTUA.

• By Public Transportation:
Get the Banqiao Line of Dayou Bus to the Banqiao Transport Corporation. Then transfer the taxi or bus, then you will arrive NTUA in about 20 minutes.

II. From Taipei Train Station
• By Driving:
From Chongqing South Rd. to the 2nd section, Roosevolt Rd.; then get on Ho-ping West Road, through section 1 and section 2; then get on the Meng-Jia Boulevard; get on the Huacui Bridge, then connect to the Sianmin Boulevard, from section 2 to section 1; then get on Guanqian West Rd., turning to. Daguan Rd, 1st section; then you will arrive NTUA.

• By Public Transportation:
Take the train or MRT to Banqiao Station; then transfer Bus 701, 264, 702, 973, or taxi, you will arrive NTUA in 20 minutes.

• By Public Transportation:
Take the MRT to Fuzhong Station. Then transfer the taxi, you will arrive NTUA in 5 minutes.

QuestionCan I work part-time?
Students may work part-time on campus at 115 NTD/hour, and interested students may go to department office or relevant administration office to inquire about work opportunities. Foreign students who wish to work off campus must have spent at least a year in Taiwan and have good grades. After receiving permission from the university, application must be sent to the Council of Labour Affairs. Except for summer and winter vacation periods, work hours may not exceed 12 hours per week.
QuestionHow long will it be before I am notified of the results of my application?
AnswerIf there is anything missing from application materials, the university will notify you and request that you send them. Students who have been accepted will be notified in June.
QuestionDoes the university have dormitory facilities for international students?
AnswerUndergraduate international students are guaranteed space in the dormitory for four years, and graduate students are guaranteed space for two years.

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